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Voce Flebile Italian (Primary)

Vox Flebilis Latin?


Audsley lists Voce Flebile with the following description: Literally Mournful Voice. The name given to stops, of 16 ft. pitch, inserted in the Swell of the Organ, of 49 speaking stops, in the church of St. Alessandro, Milan [Italy]. The name is expressive of the subdued and colorless character of their tones. We have not found the name in any other Italian Organ. Wedgwood also lists it: �(Lat.) Flebilis = weeping. San Vittore, Varese (Bernasconi & Figlio, 1905); St. Alessandro, Milan.�


All known examples are given below.

Voce Flebile 8', manual; Parish Church of the Assumption, Attard, Malta; Inzoli 1891. Still extant in 2001, this is the only known example of this name, other than the one cited by Audsley.
Vox Flebilis 16', Organo Eco (III); Chiesa di San Filippo, Firenze, Italy; Fabbri 1664. This is the only known example of this name.
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