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Violin Celeste English


Mentioned only by Strony, who describes it as the matching celeste rank for the Violin.


Osiris contains eight examples, half of them on Wurlitzer theatre organs.

Violin Celeste 8', Solo; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Midmer-Losh. Violin Celeste 8', Swell; Spencerville Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA; Moller 1991.
Violin Celeste 8', Swell; First Presbyterian Church, Bainbridge, Georgia, USA; Pilcher 1910. This stop may have been a later addition. Violin Celeste 8', 4', Great; Riverview Roller Rink & Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Wurlitzer. No longer extant.
Violing Celeste 8', 4'; RKO Palace, Rochester, New York, USA; Wurlitzer.
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