Tuba Minor English?

A small-scaled Tuba of 8' pitch, often (but not always) in the company of a louder Tuba in the same instrument. Wedgwood describes its tone as smooth and full, differing from the Tromba �in partaking more of the quality of the Hope-Jones Tuba Sonora�, a close-toned reed. Bonavia-Hunt, on the other hand, says:

It must be pointed out that the tuba minor is not a tromba, even though the line of demarcation may be slight. The tromba is essentially a close-toned reed, and treated as such: the tuba minor has a freer development of harmonics and belongs to the category of normal chorus reed tone.

Irwin claims that the Tuba Minor posesses the true Tuba quality of tone at a reduced loudness, but then goes on to say that it can have any type of voicing, �either brassy, comparatively dull, like the Tuba Sonora, or of the average type heard in the Tuba Magna�.


Tuba Minor 8', Choir; St. Mungo's Cathedral, Glasgow, Scotland; Willis 1903-1922. This is the only known example.


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