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Trommetenbass German

Trompetenbass German (Primary)

Trommetbass German


The name Trommetbass is mentioned only by Adlung, who writes: There is a Trommetbass 8' at Gera in which the resonators are of tin-plate, but the shallots are made of wild service-tree wood (Elsebeern Holz) that has been boiled in linseed oil. The tongues are coated with paper to prevent the crackling sound. It is presumably a synonym for the other names (not mentioned in the literature), which indicates a Trompete that appears in the pedal.



Osiris lists fourteen examples of Trompetenbass at 8' pitch, three at 16', and two examples of

Trommetenbass 8', Pedal; St. Stephanskirche, Tangerm√ľnde, Germany; Scherer 1624.
Trompetenbass 8', Pedal; St. Jakobi, Hamburg, Germany; Schnitger 1693. A different source spells this stop Trommet; we do not know which is correct.
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