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Trompeta Imperial Spanish

Trompeta Magna Spanish (Primary)


Williams describes these stops as �16' or 32' manual trumpets in the treble compass only (i.e. the 32' was as an 8' trumpet beginning at c1), probably always en chamade in those exceptional instruments to contain them.� Grove says: �Trompeta magna ... and Trompeta imperial were horizontal Trumpets, often of suboctave pitches (16', even 32', in the treble).� Imperial has the same meaning in English; magna means �great�.


Osiris contains dozens of examples of Trompeta Magna, nearly all at 16' pitch, a few at 8' pitch, and many en chamade, but only two examples of Trompeta Imperial.

Trompeta Imperial 8', 32', Trompeteria; Wuertzburg Cathedral, Wuerzburg, Germany; Klais 1968. 1-24 8', 25-58 32'.
Trompeta Imperial 8/32 [sic], Trompeteria; Kaiserdom, Frankfurt, Germany; Klais 1994. Divided b0/c1.
Trompeta Magna 16', Manual right; Cathedral, Roda de Isabena, Huesca, Spain; Peruga 1653.
Trompeta Magna 16', Manual right; Parroquia, Frechilla, Palencia, Spain; Banayas 1691. May have been added in 1788.
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