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Tromba Magna Spanish? (Primary)

Tromba Real Spanish?


Irwin lists these names with the following description: An unusually loud and assertive Tromba rank, at 8' on the manuals. Without sounding horn-like, or as firm in tone as the Tubas, this solo and ensemble Chorus Reed furnishes the organ with a magnificent broad-toned, harmonically full brass sound that is at least as loud as the Tuba Magna. Wedgwood lists Tromba Real as follows: �Examples of Trumpet stops bearing these titles [Tromba Bastarda, Tromba Batalla, Tromba Campana] occurred in the former organs at Seville Cathedral. There was probably little distinction between the tone of these registers.�


All known examples are listed below.

Tromba Magna 8', Pedal; Memorial Auditorium, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA; Austin 1925. This is the only known example of this name.
Tromba Real 8', Bombarde; First Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi, USA; Keates-Geissler 1990. (This stop may have originated in a 1939 Skinner or a 1929 Casavant.)
Tromba Real 8', Choir; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Midmer-Losh.
Tromba Real 8', Solo; Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool, England; Willis, Harrison & Harrison 1923-77.
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