Tolosana Spanish?

Listed only by Wedgwood, who says:

The name occurred in the specification of the former organ at Saville Cathedral, as given in Hamilton's �Catechism of the Organ� and in Hopkins' and Rimbault's treatise. It appears to have been an ordinary stop named after the town of Toulouse.

Could this �ordinary stop� have been a mixture? All the examples in Osiris[1] are mixtures (see below); compare with Corneta Tolosana.


Tolosana III, Organo Mayor (left), Cadereta (left); El Salvador, Sevilla, Spain; Juan de Bono 1794.

Tolosana II (divided), Organa des Ecos; Convento de Sant Agusti, Palma de Mallorca, Baleares, Spain; Caimari.

Tolosana IV, Trompetería; Tolosana III, Pedal; Main Hall, Auditorio Nacional, Madrid, Spain; Grenzing 1991.

Tolosana III, Organo Mayor (right); Colegiata, Daroca, Zaragoza, Spain; Pascual de Mallén 1489.

Tolosana III, Cadireta; Santa María, Montblanc, Barcelona, Spain; 1700's.


Wedgwood[1]: Tolosana.
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