Tibia Angusta Latin
Tibia Angusta Barbata Latin

Audsley lists Tibia Angusta with the following description:

The term that has been employed by German organ-builders to designate a flute-toned stop, of small scale, and 8 ft. pitch. It resembles in formation and tone the Dolzflöte.

Wedgwood also lists it, saying: �A very narrow scaled Flute found in some German organs. It was sometimes bearded, and then known as Tibia Angusta Barbata (sic!). Akin to Dulzflöte.� Seidel apparently considered it synonymous with Dulzflöte / Dolzflöte, as did Adlung, who also considered them very similar to the Querflöte Williams also suggests that the Tibia Angusta may have been a Querflöte.


All known examples are given below. Contributions welcome.

Tibia Angusta 8', Organo di Risposta (II); Chiesa di San Filippo Neri, Firenze, Italy; unknown, 1668. A narrow-scaled flue stop with a penetrating tone.


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