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Synthematophon Unknown


Listed only by Maclean, who says: A variety of Diapason invented by E. F. Walcker & Co. in 1906, and included in their famous organ at St. Michael's, Hamburg [Germany]. The pipes were of generous scale, of conical shape with double mouths on opposite sides. The tone was said to have been from three to five times as powerful as that of a normal Diapason.


All known examples are listed below.

Synthematophon 8', Manual I; New Synagogue, Berlin, Germany; Walcker 1910 (destroyed 1943).
Synthematophon 8', Labialschwellwerk; St. Michaelis, Hamburg, Germany; Walcker 1912 (destroyed 1944).
Synthematophone 8', Solowerk; St. Reinoldi, Dortmund, Germany; Walcker 1909 (destroyed).
Synthematophon 8', Manual II; Gustav Vasa kyrka, Stockholm, Sweden; Ã…kerman & Lund 1906, Setterquist 1915.
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