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Stentor Bombarde Unknown


Listed only by Irwin, who says: An extremely powerful and penetrating Chorus Reed of 16' or 8' manual pitch, and 32', 16', or 8' pedal pitch, with the Bombarde's quality of tone. Its thick, inverted-conical pipes send out the maximum of fundamental and overtones, making a sound at any of these manual and pedal pitches that is capable of supporting a large ensemble of both Reed and flue pipes. The pedal rank at 32' is appropriate in only the largest organs, and then in an acoustical environment that is capable of assimilating it. Loud pedal stops must support other pedal stops as well as manual divisions. Wooden pipes can make this tone. According to Greek legend, Stentor was a herald in the Trojan war, described by Homer as having a voice as loud as fifty men.


None known.

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