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Nassatquint German?

Spitz Quint German

Spitzquinte German (Primary)

Quintspitz German


A Spitzflöte (or Spitzprinzipal, according to Irwin) at 2-2/3', 1-1/3' (according to Audsley), or rarely 5-1/3' (according to Irwin). At least one example at 10-2/3' pitch is also known (see below).


Osiris contains two examples each of Nassat Quint and Spitz Quint, shown below, and twenty-two examples of Spitzquinte, nine at 1-1/3' and the rest at 2-2/3'. No examples of Quintspitz are known. Contributions welcome.

Nassat Quint 1 2/3' [sic], Brustwerk; St. Cosmae, Stade, Germany; Schnitger 1668 (restored 1975).
Nassat Quint 1 1/2' [sic], Manual 1; St. Laurentius-Kirche, Langwarden, Germany; Kroger? 1650.
Spitz Quint 10-2/3', Pedal; Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri, USA; Aeolian-Skinner 1965.
Spitz Quint 1-1/3', Swell; Cathedral of Christ the King, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Goulding & Wood 1992.
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