Sext (unknown)

Wegwood lists the name Sexte as deriving from the Latin sextus, meaning �sixth�, and describes it as: �A two-rank Mixture, composed of a Twelfth or Tierce on one slider. The interval between the two ranks is that of a sixth.� Sumner lists Sext it as �A stop having the twelfth and tierce of the sesquialtera but made with ranks of flute type.�


Osiris contains only one example, which is apparently not a mixture but a single rank mutation. Contributions welcome.

Sexte 1-3/5', Brustwerk; Patronatskirche, Basedow, Germany, Herbst & Gercke 1683 (restored by Schuke 1983).


Sumner[1]: Sext. Wedgwood[1]: Sexte.
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