Scharfflöte German
Scharflöte German

Audsley lists this stop with the following description:

A metal labial stop, of 4 ft. pitch, voiced to yield a bright and piercing flute-tone. It is valuable, in the absence of a Compensating Mixture, for imparting brightness to the Pedal Organ. A Scharfflöte, 4 ft., exists in the Pedal of the Organ in the Cathedral of Merseburg.

Wedgwood says only �a Flute of bright incisive tone�, and Adlung calls it �keenly voiced�.


All known examples are listed below.

Scharfflöte 4', Pedal; Cathedral of Merseburg, Merseburg, German; Ladegast 1853. (The stop was removed in the 1960's.)

Scharfflöte 4', Hauptwerk; Luitpoldhalle, Nürnberg, Germany; Walcker 1936 (destroyed 1942).


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