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Salicetbass German


This stop is listed only by Audsley, who says: The name given by Ladegast to an open wood stop, of 16 ft. pitch, inserted in the Piano-Pedal of his Organ in the Cathedral of Schwerin. The stop is of small scale, constructed of pine, and voiced to carry down the tone of the Salicional, 8 ft., on the Third Manual. The value of a soft Pedal stop of this tonality is unquestionable.


Osiris contains a dozen examples, all but one at 16' pitch.

Salicetbass 16', Pedal; Cathedral, Schwerin, Germany; Ladegast 1871. (Organ restored in the 1980's.)
Salicetbass 16', Pedal; Merseburg Cathedral, Merseburg, Germany; Ladegast 1853-5. (This stop was removed in the early 1960's.)
Salicetbass 8', Pedal, Hauptorgel; Passau Cathedral, Bavaria, Germany; Steinmeyer 1924-28.
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