Quartane (unknown)
Quarte (French)
Rauschquint[e] German
Quarta (unknown)
Quartain (unknown)
Rauschquarte German
Rauschwerk German

A compound stop of two or three unbroken ranks of open metal pipes, two of which stand an interval of a fourth apart (hence the names containing �quart�): 2' + 2-2/3' or 1' + 1-1/3'. Grove reports that these names were not used reliably until recently, and gives alternate definitions for Rauschwerk. A few sources equate these names with the Rauschpfeife, but most sources distinguish between them. Williams reports that early examples of the name Rauschquinte were flute or semi-flute Mixtures imitating a reed instrument. While the names beginning with �rausch� appear to derive from the German word rauschen, meaning �to rustle�, Williams considers that unlikely.

See Rauschzimbel, Doublette.




Osiris contains four examples of Quartane, and two of Quarta. Of the 27 examples of Quarte, only two are compound; the others are single 2' ranks, probably Quartes de Nasard. Of Rauschquint[e] there are 37 examples of II ranks, five of III ranks, 3 of IV, and one each of V and VI. No examples of Quartain or Rauschquarte are known. Contributions welcome.

Rauschquint II, Pedal; Village Church, Torrlosa, Sweden; Lorentz 1641, Fritzsche 1662. This is the oldest known example.

Rauschquint II, Rückpositiv; Thomaskirche, Leipzig, Germany; Scheibe 1721-22.

Quartane II-IV, Rückpositiv; Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland; Schnoat 1655. May have been added in 1668 or 1838-40.

Quartane II, Great; Cathedral, Norwich, Norfolk, England; Hill, Norman & Beard 1941.

Quarta 2-2/3' + 2', Manual I; Alexander Church, Tampere, Finland; Kangasala 1938.

Quarta II 2-2/3', Manual I; Lapua, Finland; Kangasala 1938.

Quarte 5-1/3' + 4', Pedal; Hofkirche, Luzern, Switzerland; Kuhn 1977.

Quarte II, Pedal; Stadtkirche St. Peter & Paul, Weimar, Germany; Walcker 1908.

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