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Quintaden English?

Quintadena German (Primary)

Quintadene French?

Quintadeen Dutch?

Quintadeens Unknown

Quintadema English?

Quintadiner French

Schällenpfeifen German

Scheelpijpen Dutch


A stopped flute of 16', 8' or 4' pitch, usually made of metal, in which the 3rd harmonic (twelfth) is prominent. The most common name is Quintadena. Several sources consider these names to be synonymous Quintaten and Quintade, a claim supported by actual usage, though Sumner calls the Quintadena a �small quintaten�, and Irwin maintains that it contains more twelfth than the Quintaten or Quintade, and is louder overall. The name Schallenpfeifen means �bell pipes�, and refers to the tone rather than the form of the pipes.



Osiris contains three examples of Quintadene, sixteen of Quintaden, 47 of Quintadeen, and over 300 of Quintadena, most at 16' pitch. No examples of Quintadeens, Quintadiner, Schallenpfeifen or Scheelpijpen are known. Contributions welcome.

Quintadene 16', Oberwerk; St. Jacobi, Lüdingworth, Germany; Wilde 1598. Quintadene 8', Bombarde; St. Eustache, Paris, France; Ducroquet-Barker 1849-1854.
Quintadene 8', Solo Expressif; Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland; Ziegler 1949. Quintaden 16', 8', Rückpositiv; Marienkirche, Stralsund, Germany; Stellwagen 1653-59.
Quintaden 16, Hauptwerk; Marienkirche, Marienhafe, Germany; von Holy 1710-1713 (restored 1966-69, 1987-88). Quintaden 16', 8', Oberwerk; Dom, Freiberg, Germany; Silbermann 1710-1714. (A different source spells these stops Quintadena.)
Quintadena 16', Great; Quintadena 8', Choir, Echo; New Church, Amsterdam, Netherlands; van Goor 1673. Quintadema 8', Swell; Musical Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Sound Clips:


Qvintadena 8', Hauptwerk
Reinhardtsgrimma, Sachsen, Germany
Silbermann, 1731,
St. Anne:
Quintadena 8', Manual II
University of Illinois, USA
Buzard, 1986,
St. Anne:
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