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Quintade Unknown


This stop is listed only by Irwin, who says: A stopped metal Flute of cylindrical form and very large scale, at 32', 16', or 8' on the manuals, and 32' or 16' on the pedals. The tone of this stop sounds with prominence in both the fundamental and the third harmonic, varying in proportion in the examples of the many organ builders. This stop could hardly be described as loud, but it is pervading without being too noticeable in any combination. In adding this stop to any combination, the organist should be concerned as to whether the �Twelfth� component will produce an overly pungent effect, sometimes called the �rustle of the Quint�. This stop is practically synonymous with Quintadena and Quintaten, though according to some authorities (including Irwin) the amount of 3rd harmonic differs.



Osiris contains around 100 examples, about a two thirds of which are at 8', and about a third are at 16'. A handful are at 4', and there is one each at 2', 5-1/3' and 32' (see below).

Quintade 8', manual; University of California, Berkeley, California, USA; unknown c1750. Originally built for Burg Lauenstein, Germany; this is the earliest known example.
Quintade 32', Great; Extension of the Mother Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Aeolian-Skinner 1952.
Quintade 2', Pedal; Ostchor-Orgel, Cathedral, Mainz, Germany; ? Kemper 1965 ?.
Quintade 5-1/3', Rückpositiv; St. Jacobskerk, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Holland; Metzler 1971.
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