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Quint French, German (Primary)

Quinte Italian

Quinta Latin

Diapente Greek

Nete Unknown

Pente Greek

Iula German?

Jula German


There are alternate meanings for the names Jula and Iula.



Of the approximately 1130 examples of Quint[e] and Quinta listed in Osiris, half are at 2-2/3' pitch, one quarter are at 1-1/3' pitch, one sixth are at 5-1/5' pitch, one tenth are at 10-2/3' pitch, two each are (possibly erroneously) at 1' and 2' pitch, and one each are at 1/3' and 1/6' pitch. No examples are known of Diapente, Iula, Jula, Nete or Pente. Contributions welcome.

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