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Pifano Spanish


Listed only by Grove, who says: �Open or stopped Flute 4' or 2'; the name was used over the centuries and was probably a corruption of Pfeife etc.� Williams concurs.


All known examples are listed below.

Pifano 4', Positivo de Costas (manual I), right hand; Braga Cathedral, Gospel side, Braga, Spain; Simon Fontanes 1732.
Pifano 2', manual right hand; Braga Cathedral, Epistle side, Braga, Spain; Simon Fontanes 1732.
Pífano, manual right; Parroquia de Santa Engracia, Uztarroz, Navarra, Spain; de Rueda 1738.
Pífano 2', Organo Expresivo; Main hall, Auditorio Nacional, Madrid, Spain; Grenzing 1991. This example is conical, 45% tin.
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