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Oberton German


Listed only by Irwin in a list of stops under the heading �Minor Flue Chorus�, with no definition.


All known examples are listed below.

Obertone VI 5-1/3', Pedalwerk; Liebfrauendom, Munich, Germany; Zeilhuber 1957. Oberton IV (1-3/5', 1-1/7', 8/9', 8/11'), Schwellwerk; Wuertzburg Cathedral, Bonn, Germany; Klais 1968.
Oberton II 1-1/7', Brustwerk; Nihon Hosoo Kyoka, Tokyo, Japan; Karl Schuke 1973. Obertone III, Brustwerk; University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA; von Beckerath 1974.
Oberton III, Brustwerk; Dom, Trier, Germany; Klais 1974.
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