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Nonenkornett English


Mentioned only by Irwin in a list of mixture stops under the heading �Solo�, with no definition. From the name we may surmise that it is a variety of Cornet which includes a None rank.


All known examples are given below.

Nonenkornet III, Schwellwerk; St. Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany; von Beckerath 1951.
Nonenkornett V 2-2/3', Pedal; Beethovenhalle, Bonn, Germany; Klais 1959.
Nonenkornett V, Pedal; Roman Catholic Basilica, Muenster, Bonn, Germany; Klais 1982.
Nonenkornett III-IV 2-2/3', Schwellwerk; Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, Vienna, Austria; Walcker 1968.
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