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Muted Viole English? (Primary)


The name Muted Viole is used only by Skinner, who describes it as follows: A stop voiced to suggest the muted violins of the orchestra. A smooth string tone of large scale, lightly blown. It is a predecessor of the more ideal form representing muted strings, the Flute Celeste. Their tone differs but their implications are similar. Skinner lists as synonyms the names Muted Violin and Viole Sourdine, names which have been used for similar stops of different construction.


Osiris contains five examples of Viole Sourdine, two of which appear to be of the Skinner type. No examples of Muted Viole or Muted Violin are known in Skinner instruments.

Viole Sourdine 8', Celestial I, Celestial Pedal; St. Philip's Cathedral, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Aeolian-Skinner 1962.
Viole Sourdine 8', Echo; North Side Carnegie Free Library, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Skinner 1924.
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