Mittelgedackt German
Mittelgedeckt German
Pileata Major Latin

Audsley lists Mittelgedeckt with the following description:

The term that has been used by old German organ-builders to indicate a Gedeckt which occupies a middle position between two other stops of the same family, placed in the same division of an Organ. Schlimbach says: �Wenn z. B. auf einen Clavier Gedact 8, 4, und 2 Fusston sich zugleich befindet, so ist das von 4 Fusston das Mittelgedact.�

Schlimbach's quotation translates as follows: �If, for example, one finds Gedact 8' 4' and 2' on one manual at the same time, the 4' is the Mittelgedact (middle Gedact).� Elsewhere Audsley defines Pileata Major as �a Mittelgedeckt, 8 ft.�. Wedgwood lists this stop as follows: �Mittelgedackt - (Ger.) Mittel = middle. 8 ft. A Gedeckt of medium power.�

See Pileata, Mittelflöte.


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