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Melodia English (Primary)

Melodica English

Mélodie French


An open wooden flute of 8' pitch, usually with inverted mouths. Its tone has been described variously as smooth, singing, round, rich, warm, and mellow. Audsley gives it a slight horn-like timbre in the tenor and middle octaves, and says that it �furnishes an admirable foundation for the most delicate labial and lingual combinations�. Sumner, on the other hand calls it a poor blender. According to Maclean, its tone suggests the �aw� vowel sound, and lists the following stops as belonging to the Melodia family:



Osiris contains about 150 examples of Melodia, all at 8' pitch except for two at 4' and one at 16'; three examples of Mélodie, and one of Melodica.

Melodia (treble) 8', Great; Westville United Methodist Church, New Haven, Connecticut, USA; Hook 1852. Originally built for Chapel St. Church, New Haven. Melodia 8', Great; First Congregational Society (Unitarian), Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA; Hook 1854.
Melodua (treble) 8', Great; United Methodist Church, Westbrook, Maine, USA; Hook 1854. Melodie 8', Positif Expressiv; Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal, Canada; Casavant 1890-91.
Mélodie 8', Grand Orgue; Notre Dame R.C. Church, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA; Casavant 1897. Wood, open from tenor G. Mélodie 8', Grand Orgue; St. Anne's Acadamy Chapel, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; Casavant 1913.
Melodica 8', Schwellwerk; Domes St. Maria (Cathedral), Riga, Latvia; Walcker 1883 (restored 1983).
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