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Major Octave English (Primary)

Grand Octave English


Major Octave is listed only by Irwin, who says: A powerfully voiced and large-scaled Diapason Octave of 4' on the manuals, and sometimes at 8' on the pedals. It is designed to sound with a very loud unison Diapason, such as the Major Diapason. The name Grand Octave is mentioned only in passing by Audsley: �The term grand has been applied to other stops for the purpose of indicating their relative importance; we, accordingly, find such terms as ... Grand Octave.� We can only assume that this name indicates a 4' Grand Diapason, and thus is a synonym for Major Octave.


No examples of Grand Octave are known. Contributions welcome.

Major Octave 4'; Atlantic City Convention Hall Ballroom, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Kimball 1930. Major Octave 4', Bombarde; Calvary Church, Charlotte, North Carolina USA; Moller 1990.
Major Octave 4', Solo; Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, California, USA; Skinner/Ruffatti. Major Octave 4', Solo; Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Newark, New Jersey, USA; Schantz 1953/1990.
Major Octave 8' (extension of Major Bass 16'), Pedal; City Hall, Hull, England; Forster & Andrews 1911.
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