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Koppelgedackt German

Koppelgedeckt German (Primary)


Mentioned only by Maclean, who describes it as a medium-small metal flute with a cylindrical body surmounted by a conical section which is closed at the top.


All known examples are given below.

Koppelgedackt 8', Hauptwerk; St. Andreaskirche, Hildesheim, Germany; Beckerath.
Koppelgedackt 8', Brustwerk; Marienorgel, Abbey, Ottobeuren, Germany; Steinmeyer 1952.
Koppelgedackt 8', Hauptwerk; St. Paul's Cathedral, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Beckerath 1962.
Koppgedackt 8', Pedal; Symphony Hall, Cologne, Germany; Klais 1986.
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