Holzflöte German
Holtzflöte German
Holzpfeife German

Wedgwood lists Holtzflöte with the following description:

Seidel pertinently remarks, �It is rather an indefinite name, which might be applied to several kinds of Flutes. It is a register without any particular advantage or striking quality.� An ordinary combinational wood Flute.

Irwin lists Holzflöte with an unusually brief description:

An open wood Flute of 8' or 4' manual pitch, and 16' or 8' pedal pitch. This name is used for a variety of timbres and volumes.
See Holtzbass.




Osiris contains 41 examples of Holzflöte at 8' pitch, 24 examples at 4' pitch, and one at 2'; two examples of Holzpfeife at 8' and one at 2'. All of these examples are from the 20th century. No examples of the spelling Holtzflöte are known. Contributions welcome.

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