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Harp English (Primary)

Harfe Unknown

Harfa Unknown


The name Harp has been given to three different stops.


The only known example of the stringed form is the one cited above. All known examples of the Regal form are given below. No examples are known of the name Harfa. Contributions welcome.

Harp; John K. Evans residence, Northport, Maine, USA; Aeolian 1914. Harp, Orchestral division; Portland City Hall, Portland, Maine, USA; Austin 1912.
Harp, Choir; Spreckles Organ Pavilion, Balboa Park, San Diego, California, USA; Austin 1915. Harfe (metal bars f#1-c4), Hauptwerk; Peterskirche, Sinzig-am-Rhein, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany; Walcker 1972.
Harfe, manual I; the Welte-Philharmonie-Orgel, Klaus Fischer Collection, Museum für mechanische Musikinstrumente, Kurfürstlichen Burg (Electoral castle), Linz am Rhein, Germany; Welte 1925. Harfe, manual; St. Bavo, Ghent, Belgium; de Smet 1592-95.
Harpa 16', 2nd manual; Cathedral, Salzburg, Austria; Egedacher 1703-06.

Sound Clips:


Harp 8', Choir
Culver Academies, Indiana, USA
Fabry 1983; Deagan/Möller,
St. Anne:
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