Harfpfeife German

An 8' stop listed only by Sumner, who says: �A stop with a delicate salicional-type of tone. The small-scaled pipes have a slight inward taper towards the top. Cf. Sylvestrina.� The name derives from the German word harf (�harp�).


Harfpfeife 8', Rueckpositiv; St. Ignatius Church, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA (later revoiced to a Principal).

Harfpfeife 8', Schwellwerk; Christuskirche, Koblenz, Germany; Willi Peter.

Harfpfeife 8', Schwellwerk; Stadtkirche St. Peter und Paul (Herderkirche), Weimar, Germany; Walcker 1908.


Sumner[1]: Harfpfeife.
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