Harfenregal German

A reed stop of the Regal class, so named because of its supposed resemblance to the sound of a harp. Williams gives it very small resonators and a �delicate string-tone�; Audsley reports that it was �soft-toned�. Wedgwood lists it at 8' pitch.

Adlung calls Harfenregal �a separate type of Regal�, but does not explain why. A clue may be inferred from the following statement from his entry for Regal:

Because this Regal [meaning the type of Regals described in his Regal entry] is blown by wind, it is called Regale a vent, from ventus, �the wind�, and is to be distinguished from Regale de percussion, which is struck with mallets like a xylophone (Strohfiedel); see Mattheson's [Forschende] Orchestre III, Part I, Chap. IV, �.16, in note [9] on p. 434.

See also Harfe.


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