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Grob-Gedackt German

Gross-Gedackt German

Grossgedeckt German (Primary)

Pileata Magna Latin


Generally speaking, these names indicate a Gedeckt of large scale and loud tone, found at 16' and 8' pitch. Skinner used the name briefly: Gross Gedackt: an 8' stopped wood pipe; a full-toned Flute on the Solo division; developed and discarded by the author. Originally an attempt at a French Horn. The mouth is substantially above its lower speaking length. The tone is too thick to blend satisfactorily with other voices.


Osiris contains only one example of Pileata Magna. Of the other names there are 31 at 8' pitch, and 5 at 16'.

Pileata Magna 8', Fanfare; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Midmer-Losh. Grossgedact 8', manual; Pfarrkirche, Meudt, Germany; Dreymann 1858.
Grossgedackt 16', Hauptwerk; St. Valentinus Kirche, Kiedrich, Germany; Hooghuys 1860. Grobgedackt 8', manual; Marktkirche, Halle, Germany; Reichel 1664 (restored 1972).
Grob Gedackt 8', Hauptwerk; Stiftskirche, Römhild, Thuringia, Germany; Weisse 1680-82 (restored 1980).
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