Gross Flute German/English
Grossflöte German
Grosse Flöte German
Grosse Flûte French

A large scale open flute of 8' pitch, often made of wood and sometimes having double mouths (see Doppelflöte). Audsley claims it is of medium scale. Irwin describes its tone as �midway between dull and bright�. Skinner claims Gross Flute to be �an obsolete 8' wood Diapason; an exaggerated Claribel Flute�.


Osiris contains three dozen examples, all at 8' except for two at 16' and one at 4'. The earliest examples are given below.

Grosse Flute 8', Grand Orgue; Cathedral, Murcia, Spain; Merklin 1857.

Grosse Flûte 8', Pèdale; St. Sernin, Toulouse, France; Cavaillé-Coll 1889.

Grosse Flöte 16', Pedal; Priory, Bridlington, England; Anneessens 1889.


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