Contra Spitzflöte German
Grosse Spitzflöte German

A Spitzflöte of 16' pitch, or rarely 32'. It is mentioned only by Maclean, who says: �In 16' pitch, sometimes called Grosse-Spitzflöte, it makes an ideal manual Double, being so used, with advantage, by Möller in the United States and by Harrison & Harrison in England.�


Only one example of Contra Spitzflöte is known. No examples of Gross[e] Spitzflöte are known, though Osiris contains ten examples of Spitzflöte at 16' pitch. Contributions welcome.

Contra Spitzflöte 32', Pedal; Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool, England; Walker 1967.


Maclean[1]: Spitzflöte.
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