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Grossdoppelgedeckt German


Audsley lists this stop with the following description: A covered wood stop of 16 ft. pitch, the pipes of which are properly of large scale, deep in proportion to their width, and have double mouths, after the fashion of the Doppelflöte. The stop is suitable for the Pedal Organ or for a manual division in which there are powerful labial or lingual stops of unison (8 ft.) pitch. Its tone is bold and of good mixing quality, giving great fulness and dignity to the division in which it is placed. Irwin also lists it: A large-scale stopped wood Flute of 16' on the manuals and pedals. It is built with two mouths in each pipe, usually on opposite sides, in order to give a very round-toned, full sound which can be used as a base-tone for building up of ensembles of stops. On the pedals it serves as a foundation for Diapason, Flutes, and Strings of louder tone, making them firmer in pitch and of more weight. It may be seen as the 16' stop on a larger Solo Organ where it can give substance to many of the stops, making their timbres stand out in greater dimension and more obvious pitch.


None known.

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