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Galoubet French? (Primary)

Galoubeth Dutch?


Little is known about this stop-name other than what can be inferred from the few stop-lists in which it appears. It is a high-pitched flue stop. The name may derive from gaboulet, a variety of three-holed flute.


All known examples are given below.

Galoubeth 1', Positief; Allemanskerk, Oud-karspel, Netherlands; Schreurs 1972. A very wide-scaled open flute with harmonic trebles.
Galoubet 1-1/3', Choeur; Broadway Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas, USA; Casavant 1996.
Galoubet 2', Solo Expressif; Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland; Ziegler 1949.
Galoubet 2', Grand Orgue; Cathedral of St. Pierre, Annecy, France; Lété 1840, Beaucourt & Lyon 1850. Reported to be of principal tone.
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