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Forest Flute English (Primary)

Flûte de Bois French


Listed only by Irwin, who says: A stop-name used to refer to a variety of Flute tones at either 8' or 4' on the manuals. The smaller-scaled Waldflöte or Orchestral Flute fulfills this definition in tone, but this Flute de Bois sounds other elements as well. The full-toned, smooth effect of the Clarabella is in it, as well as some horn-like overtones; other examples are said to have a �woolly� indistinct timbre. It has also been made at 2' and 1', and heard in all divisions as a solo or ensemble voice. A well-polished upper lip or pipe-front of hardwood with rounded shape aids in making this unique tone quality.


All known examples are listed below.

Forest Flute 4', Swell; Troy Music Hall, Troy, New York, USA; Odell 1882, 1890. Forest Flute 4', Gallery-Swell; St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, USA; Kilgen 1930. Forest Flute 4', Great; St. Joseph's Church, Dyer, Indiana, USA; Kimball 1933.
Forest Flute 4', Swell; Cadet Chapel, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, USA; Moller. Forest Flute 4', Choir; John Wanamaker Store, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Forest Flute 4', Solo; First Presbyterian Church, Medford, Oregon, USA; Schoenstein.
Forest Flute 4', Choir; St. Paul's Parish (Episcopal), Washington, D.C., USA; Schoenstein 1996. Flute de Bois 8', Pedale; Oral Roberts University Chapel, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; Lawrence Phelps 1975. Flûte de Bois 8', Recit; Pacific Union College Church, Angwin, California, USA; Rieger 1984.
Flûte de Bois 4', Swell; First Presbyterian Church, Greenwood, South Carolina, USA; Goulding & Wood 2002. Open wood pipes, regular pipes (i.e. not inverted), 2" x 2-1/2" at CC, lead conical pipes for #50-61. Flute de Bois 2', Recit Expressif; Oral Roberts University Chapel, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; Lawrence Phelps 1975.
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