Flute Principal English

Locher lists this stop with the following description:

An 8-ft. stop of a pleasant, bright, fluty tone. Occurs in many organs to great advantage on the second manual, and combines very prettily with Salicional or Viola, and en enlivening Flauto Traverso.

Wedgwood also lists it as follows:

FLUTE-PRINCIPAL 4 ft.; also 8 ft. A bright hard toned Flute, voiced usually, when of 4 ft. pitch, to form a compromise between a Flute and a Principal when both cannot be provided.

Compare with Principal Flute, Flötenprincipal.


Notwithstanding Locher's description, no examples are known. Contributions welcome.


Locher[1]: Flute Principal. Wedgwood[1]: Flute-Principal.
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