Flûte à Bec French
Flûte à Becq French
Flaut-à-Becq (unknown)

The Flûte à Bec is a 8' or 4' flute stop imitative of the instrument of the same name, the recorder. According to Irwin, it is soft-toned, has small scale open pipes, and is usually made of metal. Wedgwood states that it is sometimes conical, and sometimes �wholly or partially stopped�. It is not clear how this stop differs from the Recorder stop or the stop named for the German synonym Blockflöte. See also Flûte à Neuf Trous.


Osiris contains eighteen examples at 2' pitch, three at 4', and one at 8', all from the late 20th century. No examples are known of Flaut-à-Becq, Flûte à Becq (listed only by Wedgwood) or Flûte à Neuf Trous. Contributions welcome.




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