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Fagottone Italian


Audsley lists this stop with the following description: This term, which has the Italian augmentative ending, has been used to designate a lingual stop of the Fagotto family, properly of 32 ft. pitch, and of a full and impressive voice. It is a Pedal Organ stop, and practically carries down the voice of the Contrafagotto, 16 ft., an octave lower. It has, however, no equivalent in the orchestra. An example exists in the Organ of the Church of San Alessandro, Milan. The name has also been given to stops of 16 ft. pitch, the scales of which are larger and the voices fuller than those of the imitative Contrafagotto. An example exists in the Swell of the principal Organ in the Cathedral of Como. Irwin also lists the stop, saying: A Reed stop of 32' on the pedals, and sometimes also on the manuals at this profound pitch. It sounds with a reedy, distinct quality that is valuable in combination or alone. Although it is soft, it is not dull in tone, and has the advantage of a clear statement of the pitches. The pedal flue stops are frequently made much more usable by this Reed, especially if they are crowded or dull in tone. The name means �big fagotto� or �big bassoon�.

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