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Most sources consider this name to be a synonym for Euphone. Skinner, however, lists the two names separately, describing Euphonium as �the name sometimes given a 16' or 8' manual or pedal reed. Obsolete in America.� Irwin claims that Euphone and Euphonium are not synonymous, and describes the latter as �indicating the large orchestral Tuba�. This is incorrect on two counts: the instrument known as Euphonium is a tenor or baritone tuba, and is a band instrument, not an orchestral instrument. Similar to the baritone horn, it is a member of the saxhorn family, invented in the 1840's by Adolphe Sax. Irwin may have been confused by the Wanamaker Euphonium.


All known examples are given below.

Euphonium 8', Pedal; Albert Hall, Nottinghamshire, England; Binns 1909.

Euphonium 16', Main Pedal; John Wanamaker Store, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.


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