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Ethereal Violin English


Listed only by Irwin, who says: An extremely brilliant String of 8' manual pitch, sounding like a very soft but luminous form of the Viole d'Orchestre stop of louder tone. It is neither muted nor reduced to unusual softness. In spite of this stop's ability to sound between forty and fify overtones from each one of its narrow spotted metal pipes, it has a dynamic value around piano. This tone has a delicacy and refinement not sensed in most of the organs Viols. It is less soft than the Aeoline. It is brighter (has more overtones) than the Salicional, Gamba, Echo Gamba, Muted Violin, or Echo Violin. It is not an accompaniment stop in most organs, but makes a contrast to other less-bright sounds. It is in the Echo, String, or Swell of some instruments, usually as a céleste.



None known.

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