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Engprinzipal German

Listed only by Audsley, who says:

The name which has been sometimes used by the old German organ-builders to designate a Principal, 8 ft., of small scale and soft intonation, so as to distinguish it from the foundation Principal of full scale and tone.

The name derives from the word eng, meaning ´┐Żnarrow´┐Ż. We have also found it at 16' and 4' pitch (see examples below).

Compare with Weitprinzipal.


Engprinzipal 4', Brustwerk; Kreuzkirche, Dresden, Germany; Gebrueder Jehmlich, Dresden, 1961-3.

Engprinzipal 16', Hauptwerk; Luitpoldhalle, Nürnburg, Germany; E.F. Walcker & Cie, 1936 [destroyed].


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