English Diapason English
Englisch Prinzipal German

English Diapason is mentioned only by Irwin, who says: �The English Diapason, sometimes so labeled on a draw knob, inclines towards a silvery, ringing sound that must be head to be fully appreciated. It sometimes serves as the Choir Diapason.�

Englisch Prinzipal is listed only by Maclean who says: �In E. F. Walcker's famous organ at St. Michael's, Hamburg, we find this German tribute to English Diapason-tone.� However, the Osiris specification for this instrument contains no such stop-name.

See Diapason; compare with Early English Diapason.


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English Diapason 8', Choir; St Mary's Cathedral Basilica, Galveston, Texas, USA; Pilcher 1928.


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