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Echo Cornet English (Primary)

Echo-Cornett German?

Echo German?


Irwin describes this stop as follows: A soft compound stop on the manuals, designed either to resemble the Cornet or to produce an accompaniment background in the form of a mixture. The pipes are Dulciana, Echo Diapason, or most usefully, Echo Geigen in tone. There may be no breaks in the pitch, and the third-sounding Tierce may be included. Wedgwood and Sumner equate the Echo Cornet with the Dulciana Mixture, and Wedgwood considers Echo Cornet to be virtually identical with the Harmonia Aetheria. The name Echo has been used for other stops.


Osiris contains nine examples, ranging from II to V ranks.

Echo Cornet V, Oberwerk; Hofkirche, Dresden, Germany; Silbermann/Hildebrandt 1750-55 (restored 1964-71).
Echo-Cornet IV, Echo (25 notes, treble only); St. Salvator, Brugge, Belgium; Van Eynde 1717-19.
Echo Cornet III, Swell; First Presbyterian Church, Bessemer, Alabama, USA; Austin 1902 (restored 1992).
Echocornett II-IV, Schwellwerk; Konzerthalle, Bamberg, Germany; Jann 1993.
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