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Dulciana Cornet English (Primary)

Ripieno di Cinque Italian?


The Dulciana Cornet is, as its name implies, a Cornet made from Dulciana ranks. Audsley reports that it has been made of octave and fifth sounding ranks only, as well as of octave, fifth and third sounding ranks; Irwin claims that the former is the usual arrangment. Audsley describes its tone as delicate and silvery. Wedgwood considers it to be virtually identical to the Harmonia Aetheria. The name Ripieno di Cinque is mentioned only by Audsley, who used it for a five-rank Dulciana Cornet in his own chamber organ. The name means �5-rank mixture�'. He gives the composition of his cornet as follows:


Osiris contains the following examples:

Dulciana Cornet III, Manual; Buckfield Community Church, Buckfield, Maine, USA; Hook 1850.
Dulciana Cornet III, Choir; Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia; Hill, Norman & Beard 1929.
Dulciana Cornet III (12, 15, 17) Choir; City Hall, Johannesburg, South Africa; Norman & Beard 1916.
Echo Dulciana Cornet VI, Swell; St.Andrew's Halls, Glasgow, Scotland; Lewis 1877.
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