Dulciana Mixture English

Wedgwood lists this stop with the following description:

A Mixture stop of quiet silvery tone, though scarcely of Dulciana scaled pipes. A very great acquisition to an organ of moderate size. The Dulciana Mixture is generally enclosed in a swell box. St. Mark, Leeds (Binns); York Minster (Walker); Echo Organ, Norwich Cathedral, VI ranks (Norman & Beard - a most effective stop [but no longer extant - Ed.]).

Sumner describes it as �a soft compound stop formed of dulciana pipes and often found on choir organs or on the swell organs of smaller instruments.� Sumner and Wedgwood both equate this stop with the Echo Cornet.


Dulciana Mixture II (19, 22), Choir; Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Hill 1861, 1903.

Dulciana Mixture II (12, 15), Choir; Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, Singapore; Walker 1962. (Unified from an 8' Dulciana.)

Dulciana Mixture III (15, 19, 22), Choir; Durham Cathedral, Durham, England; Harrison & Harrison 1970.

Dulciana Mixture IV, Echo Organ; Town Hall, Leeds, England; Gray & Davison 1859.

Dulciana Mixture V, Orchestral; Woolsey Hall, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA; Skinner 1928.


Sumner[1]: Dulciana Mixture. Wedgwood[1]: Cornet; Dulciana Mixture.
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