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Doppelrohrgedeckt German


Audsley lists this stop with the following description: While this term may be accepted as another name for the Doppelrohrflöte, the stops alluded to being similar in general formation while differing somewhat in scale proportion, the term may be properly applied to a stop, of 8 ft. pitch, yielding a fuller tone than either that stop or the Doppelflöte. To produce this more assertive voice, the scale of the Doppelrohrgedeckt is larger than, and hot so deep in proportion to width as are the scales of the other stops alluded to. Irwin takes an somewhat different view: A half-covered wooden Flute of 8' or 4' on the manuals, and 16' or 8' on the pedals, yielding a tone of greater harmonic texture but less volume of sound than the Doppelrohrflöte, because it is of smaller scale. It is also softer and of smaller scale than the Doppelrohrbordun. It is not of a liquid and penetrating tone but can sound by itself as a placid and dulcet solo voice at either 8' or 4'. It can be designedin a great variety of tone colors and volumes, some of the Echo form, others quite loud. Its pipes have both rohrs and the double-mouthed structure, making a stopped tone that is round but not dull.


None known.

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