Dolciano (unknown)

A rare name of uncertain origin or meaning. Wedgwood says �Dolciano - 8 ft. Either (1) Dolce; (2) Clarabella; (3) Dulcian (reed).� Williams cites �Dolciano 8' at Mainz St. Peter, 1756 (Boos)�, a soft flue stop, and �Dolciano (Hess, 1772)�, a reed stop. Adlung lists it as a synonym for Fagott. To increase the abiguity further, of the only two known examples, both by the same builder in the same year, one is a flue and the other is a reed.


Dolciano Profundo


Dolciano 16', Manual III; Alexander Church, Tampere, Finland; Kangasala 1938. This example is a flue.

Dolciano 16', Manual III; Lapua, Finland; Kangasala 1938. This example is a reed.


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