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Cilinderquint German?

Cylinder-Quinte French?

Cylinderquint German? (Primary)


These names have been used for ordinary cylindrical Quint stops, in order to distinguish them from similar stops of tapered form, such as the Gemsquinte or Spitzquinte. Audsley, in his entry for Gemshorn, quotes Regnier in a footnote: �Il ne dédaigne pas de figurer comme quinte (Gemshorn-Quinte ou Cylinder-Quinte) et de produire alors sur une masse de violes un assez curieux effet.� (�It [Gemshorn] does not disdain to appear as a fifth ( Gemshorn-Quinte or Cylinder-Quinte) and to then produce on a mass [chorus?] of violes a rather curious effect.�) Regnier is probably incorrect in equating Cylinder-Quint with Gemshorn-Quint, as Gemshorns are invariably tapered, not cylindrical.


None known.

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