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Contra Salicional English (Primary)

Double Salicional English


A Salicional stop pitched an octave lower than normal, at 16' or 32'. While Irwin gives Bass String as a synonym, it has another meaning.


Osiris contains a dozen examples of Contra Salicional, all at 16' pitch except for one at 32'. All known examples of Double Salicional are listed below. No examples of Bass String are known. Contributions welcome.

Contra Salicional 32', Pedal; LLandaff Cathedral, LLandaff, Wales, England; Hope-Jones 1898; Hill, Norman & Beard 1958. (56 pipes, to GGGG then acoustic.) Contra Salicional 16', Choir, Pedal; City Hall, Johannesburg, South Africa; Norman & Beard 1916.
Contra Salicional 16', Gallery-String; St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, New York, USA; Kilgen 1930. Double Salicional 16', Choir; King's College, Cambridge, England; various.
Double Salicional 16', Solo; St. Bees Priory, Cumbria, England; Willis 1899. Double Salicional 32', Pedal; Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Auckland, New Zealand; Harrison & Harrison 1969.
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